Wednesday, September 07, 2016

The Sound Of Silence

Since I wrote this, I have upgraded to a regular cell phone which I use infrequently. The following,  from December 27, 2008, may explain why I am slow to embrace the new world.

For Christmas, Scott bought Karen one of those little Bluetooth cell phone head sets. Scott says, and his children concur, that Karen can be a hazard driving to school, holding her cup of coffee and talking on the cell phone at the same time. The Bluetooth earpiece is a perfect solution. There was a problem, however. Karen's phone was damaged when it got wet and wouldn't adapt to the Bluetooth. After Scott was unsuccessful in his attempts to repair the damage, Karen spent several hours yesterday in a Verizon store buying a new phone. This morning, she sat on the couch programming her Christmas present. Unbeknownst to me, you can have a distinct ring tone song on a cell phone to distinguish callers. Karen had one for Seth and was kidding Scott about what would be his signature tune. Not wanting to be left out, I inquired as to what my signature music would be. My lovely sister-in-law informed that I never call her so I don't warrant my own ring tone. Understandably, I was devastated and retreated to the downstairs bedroom where I reside while in their home. There was only one option. I took it.

You may not know this but I have a pre-paid cell phone I use when traveling. Someone from church gave it to me anonymously for Christmas last year when Dad's health was such an issue. I admit it has come in handy and I continue to add enough minutes to keep it functional. When Karis programmed it for me last December, she put her mother's number on instant dial. So, from the basement of Scott and Karen's house, perhaps for the first time, I rang Karen's number. I could hear her laughing upstairs as she picked up the phone and I demanded my own musical identification. She asked my preference and I requested Hey, Tonight by Creedence Clearwater Revival. Karen relented and so now, whenever I call, she'll know it's her favorite brother-in-law from Houston. The question remaining is when, and if, that call will come.

I wonder if the Lord ever feels like Karen does with my very infrequent attempts at communication. Seth calls Karen constantly and she expects to hear from him. No matter how many times he calls from his military base in Alaska, she never is too tired or busy to listen. She delights in hearing from her oldest son as well as his beautiful bride, Lauren. I think she'd love sharing a line with me, too- I just don't make the effort. The Scriptures are filled with the blessings flowing from the outpouring of prayer from the believer to a loving Father. Karen did not perceive my cell phone calls as justifying my own ring tone, one meant just for me. I wonder if God would have that same perception regarding my prayer life. In a practical sense, would I have to add minutes if I used my cell phone to contact the Lord? He always listens and awaits my call but there has to be a voice coming from my end. It takes two to have a conversation. Karen is not alone- I need the Lord on my speed dial.

To hear my ring tone, click below!

Applicable quote of the day:
"I drive with my knees. Otherwise, how can I put on my lipstick and talk on my phone?"
Sharon Stone

God bless,
Steve (brother-in-law of Karen)
Luke 18:1
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Family fun said...

LOVE the comparison! too many times we wait until there is an urgent need and then we expect God to be waiting on baited breath to hear from us. i fear, as a nation, we have turned our back on God as we find it easy not to stand firm on spiritual issues allowing others to bring down - slow but sure - the morals of our country. then when tragedy occurs, we all turn to God and ask for His guidance or worse yet ask how God could allow this to happen.

we need to keep God on our speed dial, pilot - not co-pilot and remember Him at all times. we don't need to bow our head in prayer to have a conversation with Him - He's always listening!

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