Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Power Of One

Last year, my students read the article posted above, written by NBC's John Larson. As you know, my niece, Meagan, lives in Zambia at a Christian orphanage. After we discussed John Larson's piece, Brittany Rode' made a simple suggestion: "Why don't we buy some bicycles?" We did. From Brittany's impetus, we collected enough money to purchase several bicycles for workers in Zambia, designated by Meagan. Today, I received the following e-mail from the wonderful Meagan, complete with pictures. You think one person doesn't make a difference? Ask Johnston. He'll never meet Brittany but he, and those he tells about the Lord, are in her debt. Never, never be afraid to speak up.

Hi Uncle Steve! I hope you are well. I have some good news! Your class' first bicycle is bought! The name of the bicycle evangelist is Johnston Sikabuba, and he is a great, great man. He covers a distance of 450 km preaching the gospel to those who haven’t heard or who are having troubles. In one of his territories, he has planted 7 new churches since 2003. In the Western part of his territory, he has planted 14 churches. He started preaching in 1999, but he wasn’t a trained preacher. He still isn’t, but he feels a major calling to spread the word of God, and he was thrilled to have a new bicycle to do it with! Here he is on his new bike! In the second picture, he is patting his chest, a traditional form of thank you.

I gave him your address because he wanted to write you all personally and thank you, but I don’t know how long that might take. But he was very grateful, and so am I! Please tell your classes what a great job they did in helping the Word of God be spread around Zambia.

I love you, Uncle Steve! Thanks for supporting me! I want to hear about your plans!

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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