Sunday, August 31, 2008

Quizzical Nature

In my Bible classes, I constantly talk to my students about reward and punishment. How many would be more likely to make good grades if their folks offered them cash versus the effectiveness of having their cell phones or Internet taken away for a poor report card? I ask how many think drivers obey the speed limit because of citizenship aspirations versus they don't want to get a ticket? I tell them if there were no afterlife, I doubt I would make a serious effort to live a righteous existence. I try to get them to understand that there are motivators for everything we do. Years ago, I realized that simply assigning a reading text did not yield good results. Hence, every time we read the Bible, there is a corresponding quiz. I have found that when a grade is given and the parents can check that grade almost instantaneously, there is more impetus to read the Scripture with diligence and attention to detail. I have also found that as a result, my students knowledge of the Bible has been elevated. Below is the quiz both my eighth and tenth grade classes took this Wednesday. It is taken from Matthew 1:18-2:23. Take it and let me know how you do. If there is good response, I may do this again! NO CHEATING! The key is printed below the quiz and my sign off.

Bible 8, 10
Matthew 1:18-2:23
NAME ________________

1. How is Joseph described? _______
a. righteous b. lonely c. angry d. confused
2. Was Joseph going to divorce Mary publicly or quietly? __________________

3. Is the name of the angel given? _____
4. Joseph is referred to as the son of: _______
a. God b. Moses c. Jacob d. David
5. Joseph was told the baby was conceived from the __________________.
6. “Immanuel” means: _______
a. the gift of God
b. messiah
c. God with us
d. Savior

7. Where is Bethlehem? _______
a. Judea b. Syria c. Egypt d. Galilee
8. From what direction did the Magi come? _____________
9. The Magi called the baby, ‘the king of: _______

a. Israel
b. the Jews
c. everyone
d. the Gentiles

10. The priests knew Christ would be born in Bethlehem. TRUE-FALSE
11. Herod told the Magi he wanted to kill the baby. TRUE-FALSE
12. The Magi found the baby by following a cloud of fire. TRUE-FALSE
13. Which was NOT a gift from the Magi to Jesus? ________
a. silver b. gold c. incense d. myrrh
14. The Magi returned and told Herod where they found Jesus. TRUE-FALSE
15. Because of a dream, Joseph took his family to: _______
a. Iran b. Lebanon c. Samaria d. Egypt
16. Joseph stayed away until Herod forgave him for fleeing. TRUE-FALSE
17. When he returned to Israel, Joseph took his family to live in: _______
a. Jerusalem
b. Bethany
c. Nazareth
d. Jericho

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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1. a

2. quietly
3. no
4. d
5. Holy Spirit
6. c
7. a
8. East
9. b
10. True
11. False
12. False
13. a
14. False
15. d
16. False
17. c


Bev said...

dEAR STEVE, Amy redid her blog and you are one of the sites, so yesterday for about 6 1/2 hours I read each of your entries. From the beginning one thru the stroke and death of your dad to Chuck's visit (wonder where Johnny Williams is). It's ashame how we loose touch over the years but never the connection. Steve and I think of you often and love you. By the way, when your dad taught you to drive the station wagon, did you sleep thru the lesson on backing up--remember the UHaul you took back to Tenn. that the trucker in Waffle House had to back out of the back lot? You takr good care and know that the folks in South Georgia still have you on a pedestal. Donald is the baseball/softball coach and the feilds look great, he plants rye grass in the winter and spends countless hours mowing and raking and caring for it, you'd be proud. I don't recall who owes who the call but hope to speak to you sometime. You are a great friend, asalways, Steve&Beverly

Family fun said...

Ok - i'm not the greatest reader! :) I missed 2 of the questions! ha! to give myself a break though, i am sitting in a house without air today! even w all the windows open and fans going throughout we are up to 86 already so we've decided that going out to dinner tonight is a must!