Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Road Work (Mike White)

Last August I bought a bicycle to get some exercise and began riding it pretty often. Since then, my riding has been “streaky” at best. I started riding again this past Saturday and have ridden approximately 10 miles a day. Here are a few things that I have learned in riding my bike that are life lessons as well.

Obey the traffic laws. Sounds simple doesn’t it? This is not as easy on a bicycle. I have learned that these laws are for my safety. I had to learn this the hard way. I once rode the shoulder on the wrong side of the street. I wasn’t actually on the street, so I thought that I was safe. I actually thought this was a better option than crossing Highway 6. However, I did not take into account that drivers turning right could not see me and was almost hit by a car. I quickly found an intersection and crossed the street.

Life Lesson: God’s laws are there for my growth in Him. They are not always easy, but when followed, my relationship with Him is better. When I choose not to follow them, that relationship suffers.

You need to use your gears wisely. My bike has 21 gears. I have always geared up and down for hills. I am truly thankful for every one of those gears. There are not too many hills in Houston, but the few on my routes have a big impact on my riding. They have saved my legs from an unbearable burden.

Life Lesson: The blood of Christ is better than any gear on my bike. He has covered the sins of all who choose Him. I don’t have to bear the burden of my sins. I can give them all to Him.

I pay more attention to those riding bikes and running on the road than I did in July 2007. I have a greater appreciation for those people. They have committed themselves to being in shape and are working hard in pretty difficult circumstances. I always slow down and give bikers and runners the right of way.

Life Lesson: It’s simple. Christ said not to judge others. I get real angry when others don’t do the things I think they should do, the way I think it should be done, when I think it should be done. Then I usually make a mistake that affects someone else and I expect them to be understanding. This puts things in a different perspective.

Stopping is easy. Starting and restarting are much harder. I hate stoplights. They kill my momentum and usually come when I am at a great pace. What is even worse is trying to start again and getting to my previous pace. My legs usually pay the price for this.

Life Lesson: It’s easy to stop living as God would have us. It’s difficult to begin that life or to come back to Him. However, if you are reading this and want to come back to Him or are considering giving your life to him, God will give the strength to overcome. You can also rely on those who are in Christ to help you. If you are struggling with a choice that could lead you away from God, remember that it’s easy to quit. It’s difficult to re-start. I am trying my best not to ever stop.

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