Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Need Something To Do? (Joe Widick)

I remember hearing from my children “I don’t have anything to do!” When I heard that, I always thought of so many things they could be doing around the home. The problem was none of those items were on their radar as things they wanted to do. Take a moment to look in this bulletin and read about the different activities that are taking place. Look at the “Upcoming Events” column as well at “This Week’s Calendar. There are a lot of really good activities to be involved with. If none of those are on your radar, then look at the prayer list, homebound list or long-term list, and see if there is someone you could call, visit or send a card to. Maybe you could pay a visit to one of them. If you are still searching for ideas, pray for one of our missionaries, Mario Lara, who is dealing with kidney problems, or pray for Mike Johnson, Ben Johnson and Justin Latimer as they labor in Honduras. If you and I will only open our eyes to the opportunities that are out there, we will stay busy in our service to the Lord.
Prayer Thought: For our counselors, Jim Parnell and Bill Mackie as they serve so many in our community.

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Family fun said...

I'm enjoying your posts...this one caught my attention and made me laugh. My kids learned not to say "i'm bored" or "there's nothing to do" because they knew i had a list that would resolve the problem! :)

God calls us to keep busy no matter how old we are. As young we are able to do things that many wouldn't think - I remember being challenged by the adults working with our youth group. Today our youth seem to feel there needs to be something "fun" to do all the time. I can tell you, we had more fun doing mission work than kids today have playing whatever game. Now that I am older there is so much I can't do but I refuse to "retire" from God's work (as I have been told to do by the Elders at the church we have been attending) and will always find some way to serve my God! I don't remember reading anywhere in the Bible about a retirement age!