Saturday, April 12, 2008

Saturday Morning Update On Dad

I was able to spend he night in the room with Dad. (Thanks to Dianne, one of the night ICU nurses, for providing me with an exemption and a recliner.) Dad was peaceful in his sleep and I held his hand when he woke up. He wants so badly to speak and I kept having to ask him to be patient until we can take the tubes out this afternoon. Scott and Karen are with Dad now. Cecelya is nearing St. Louis. I am going to try and sleep for an hour or so. Please keep praying for Dad and all of us. Thanks to all of you who have mailed notes.
God bless.
Luke 18:1

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Susan (Jeep) Jones said...

Dear Steve,

I cannot imagine what all of you must feel at this point. I do know that your family has strength that only the love for the Lord and for one another can provide. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Susan Jones

Carisse said...

We are praying for Roger and all of you. Callie Mickey and Carisse Mickey Berryhill