Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bob Lawrence Remembers Dad

Dear Family,
When I begin to describe the giant, Roger Hawley, I feel like a weak hiker standing at the foot of a mountain so high that its summit is barely visible. When we moved to York from Massachusetts in 1968, Roger was serving the East Hill congregation. There we were impressed with his devotion to study and to preaching. His delivery always equaled his content--both dependably mature and fresh. He later entered the classroom at York College where it was my privilege to profit from being colleague with him. We shared many a faculty meeting and discussion. Once, I recall having to be on the other side with him in some matter we were discussing. After he had made a deliberate and somewhat lengthy comment, I felt constrained to say, "Roger, I do believe you have given us a classic example of a 'distinction without a difference'." Nobody laughed more heartily than Roger. Anywhere or at any time I would meet him, I would be assured of good conversation, sometimes light-hearted and often substantive. Roger had the advantage of bringing to his studies in psychology a background of common sense, careful analysis and Biblical moorings. This kept him from wandering into hopeless mazes which others would have enjoyed, though useless and inextricable as they were. Our friendship was as natural, as it was, I believe, mutual. Last summer when he and Nelda were in York, he spotted Ruth and me in our garden on Delaware Avenue. He pulled up beside where we were working, stopped, got out and gave us a big hug. Alas! Nelda had to remain in the car, but we greeted her and got in return that lovely Nelda smile. We enjoyed what we did not know would be our last visit. The grace of God so admirably and completely imbued Roger that I am confident his spirit and his influence will live on and on in the hearts and lives of his devoted family and innumerable friends. He loved family, and especially his own. And now he walks in white! We shall meet again!

Grace and peace,

Bob Lawrence

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