Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Wednesday Night Update On Dad

As I wrote this morning, Dad is off the ventilator and progressing well. The nurse said he was able to sit up in a chair which has to feel good after being flat on his back for five days. She says he is in pretty good spirits but groggy as the medication remains in his system. Cecelya left late this afternoon today, after doing a terrific job as the representative of the family. Karis is driving in from Wichita in the morning and will remain until Spring Break when Dave, Scott, and I will return to St. Louis. Please pray she has a safe drive and continue to pray for Dad!
God bless,
Luke 18:1

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PS: I have an additional prayer request. As you may know, my niece Meagan works in a Christian orphanage in Zambia. In the past few days, Meagan was accidentally pricked by a needle as a nurse was testing a baby for HIV/AIDS. About 1/3 of the babies are HIV positive so Meagan is at risk. She immediately was place on medicine which greatly reduces the chances of her contracting HIV, assuming the child tests positive. Meagan, and countless others, put themselves in harms way to help those who can't help themselves. Please pray with us for Meagan.

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Family fun said...

so sorry to hear about megan! i am, of course, glad to hear about your dad! any word on when he can have visitors and/or phone calls again?