Sunday, February 17, 2008

The One (Female Perspective)

This week, I had my students read a devotional entry I had written last year entitled, You're The One! (It is printed below.) The crux of this piece centered around John the Baptist asking if Jesus was the Messiah, the one the Jewish people longed for and expected. We then used John's question as a basis of discussing whether there was The One for each of us in our romantic lives. After we read that article on Friday, and since it was only twenty-four hours removed from Valentine's Day, I had my students of this year give their opinion. Today, I will share some of the girls' thoughts and next time, those of the male persuasion:

"I believe there is more than one person for everyone. Some are happily married and in love but something tragic happens and they have to find someone else and most of the time, they do. I believe the Lord gives us options in every part of our lives, including picking The One. It is up to us to pick who we believe to be The One out of the options God supplies to us." Sydney

"I think God has made The One for you. Sometimes, people rather have Mr. Right Now or Miss Right Now. But, if there is the right one for me, when shall we meet? Is he already in my life? If we knew the identity of The One, we would live life differently. The One will come to us when God knows we are ready for one another." Courtney

"I believe there is more than one. God makes more than one because no matter who you marry will be The One for you. As for me, I hope there is only one and I am the only one for the man I marry. (The man, not the boy!) I would like to know who the one for me is but that would take all the fun out of dating!" Laney

"There is that one special person for everyone; it just may be hard to find him or her. God knows with whom we will fit together and until that happens, a person will not find true love." Victoria

"The One is out there! God gives us life and then He gives us little things of magic along the way. We are not perfect and we pray each day to get better. Sometimes, it takes someone else to really help. Love is so tossed around these days; people confuse it with lust. God always has a plan for you no matter what. No matter what route you take, you will always meet His plan. To sum it up, I have alot of Ones to meet!" Brittany

"I think there is more than one but there might be just one that you are completely head-over-heels for. But, if that person dies, God would not want you to be unhappy so there will be someone else who will make you just as happy. But, there will always be that special place for that one person." Nicole D.
"I think there is more than The One. God sends us The One at a time when we are not expecting it. People who marry again after a death are of a different mind-set. We change our attitudes and thinking processes over the years so they may find someone with a different personality from their previous spouse. I believe someone will come to me. I can't be looking for The One." Kylee
"I think there is more than one person for everyone because most people fall in love more than one time in their life. Anyone you date, you could marry if you're happy and love each other. Some people make you happier than others and some you love more than others. But, if you meet someone else who made you equally as happy and in love, they also could be a possibility as The One. For example. arranged marriages usually work out because they learn to love each other. Anyone can learn to love another and everyone is compatible with more than one person." Kirstie
"I believe there is only one person for certain people. I also believe that there is not one person for some people. God may have bigger and better things for some rather than getting married. He knows that marriage might make it harder for you to do His will." Rebecca
"I think there is a person, The One, for everyone. God made us with our own personality. He showed us the things we like and the things we don't. You never know know when you will find that person. Sometimes, I think that one guy may be The One but then he breaks my heart. I think, 'Well, God has something else planned and it's not for me to be with this person!' I always think and know that God has something great planned for me!" Stephanie
Applicable quote of the day:
"If it is your time, love will track you down like a cruise missile."
Lynda Barry
God bless,
Luke 18:1
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