Sunday, January 06, 2008

Sunday Update On Dad

Dad was able to make it to worship again this morning and he told me Wade preached a terrific sermon! He is excited about reading again and is more than half way through a book called Mississippi Solo. His next project is to read the approximately 1,000 letters Grandma and Grandpa Hawley wrote to each other from 1916-1922. He is excited about delving into this very personal history of our family. I am glad my grandparents kept these letters from their courtship and subsequent four year engagement. It is likely they have not seen the light of day in nine decades! I am so happy Dad is so looking forward to this. He was feeling good today and thinks the latest antibiotic is working. Thanks for your prayers!
God bless,
Luke 18:1
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astrosfreak09 said...

That's good that your dad is still getting better. And that's pretty cool that he has those letters. That would be interesting to be able to read something like that!
God Bless
Love ya
Downtown Brown