Saturday, December 08, 2007

Friday Update On Dad

Dad was not in when I called tonight. He was out playing dominoes with Cecelya! (He claims it was a close loss. I've heard that from alot of coaches!) His spirits have been buoyed by her visit which will last through Tuesday. There has been a setback of four days in his release to December 18, which happens to be Mom's birthday. Please pray he continues to improve and does get to go home by Christmas! Thanks for all you do! A special thanks to Sue and Tom Simons for all the help these past two months!
God bless,

Luke 18:1

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Jamie said...

Hey Coach Hawley!! Just noticed the blog!!!! Hope everything is going good and I hope your Dad will get to come home for the Holiday's. We will be prayig for him!!!!!

Jamie said...

Oh just to let you know Jamies is my wife and I don't have an account!! This is Craig Sanford!!