Saturday, November 24, 2007

Friday-Saturday Update On Dad

I am back in Houston after several bumpy flights and a good week in St. Louis. On Friday, Dave's family returned to Kansas. Scott and I dealt with several issues while Karen worked on the house. We took Mom to the bank, enabling us to spend an hour with her. (More on that in tomorrow's devotional entry.) We spent close to two hours with Dad last night, laughing more than anything else, enjoying the end of the holiday as a family. Scott and Karen and kids were able to go by and see him on the way back to Wichita this morning. Dad's roommate moved out today, a Christian man he has known in the past. Please pray that he gets a roommate that he can make a connection with. Dad was also heartened today by a visit from the Jahvaris, a family that moved to Dallas in the past several years. My folks traditionally ate Thanksgiving dinner with this wonderful family during their yeas in St. Louis. It was a good week for Dad and I know he was heartened by all the attention that was lavished on him. Thanks for your constant prayers and pray he can come home for Christmas! Happy Thanksgiving!
God bless,
Luke 18:1

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