Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thursday Update On Dad

I had a long conversation with Dad this evening. He waxed eloquent about parts of his life...and he can wax! He also spoke about going home and Surrey Place releasing him. In his estimation, there are still safety concerns and practical matters like stairs, falling, etc. Dad also reiterated how blessed he feels compared to some others in the facility who are in much worse shape. Always the optimist! Thanks for your prayers!
God bless,
Luke 18:1

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PS Sue Simons was the culprit preventing me from getting through on the phone last night!

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astrosfreak09 said...

What does that mean he "waxed eloquent parts of his life"? Oh well haha, whatever it is, I'm sure it's good! That's good that he's optimistic, it probably helps a lot in situations like that!
God Bless
Love ya
Downtown Brown