Sunday, October 07, 2007

Sunday Update On Dad

It was a good day for Dad. Make that, in his words, "one of the best days of my life." Susan Jones and I were able to take Mom to see him for an hour and even though she was mainly non-responsive, she held his hand and he was comforted. Dad was also able to spend considerable time with Tom and Sue Simons, long-time friends who moved to Kentucky a number of years ago. They brought a piece of cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory for him as well as some double latte mocha caramel coffee which was thick enough for him to drink. Tom said Dad's eyes lit up with every sip! Tonight, I quizzed Dad on family information and he did much better than he did on my previous trip. We owe a special thanks to Salome for keeping the house open and Susan for facilitating Mom's visit to see Dad. Thanks for all your prayers!
God bless,
Luke 18:1

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pop said...


Teresa and I read your blog every day and ache for what you are going through with your parents. We pray for you every day, and rejoice with every bright comment about your dad's improvement or his receiving comfort from holding your mom's hand. We love and appreciate you so much.


astrosfreak09 said...

That's good that he was able to see her again. And those treats sound way good, haha my eyes would light up at the cheesecake! It's good he's getting better with family info. Congrats on the continuous progress with your dad.
God Bless
Love ya
Downtown Brown