Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday Update On Dad

Dad's speech was not as good as it has been but I think it was due to his weariness. He continues to push himself in therapy. As badly as he wants to leave, he wants to remain until he is functional away from Surrey Place. Scott talked to the social worker and they don't have a timetable for his release even though Dad thinks he is down to his final week. Dad became very emotional when he asked me about the possibility of Mom being able to come to the house for Thanksgiving dinner. I think his overriding drive for working so hard is just being able to spend time with her. That's a good love story. Please keep us in your prayers and thanks again for all your help! We received a great report from Marsha yesterday. The doctors believe they were able to get all the cancer and it has not spread to her lymph nodes. Praise God!
God bless,
Luke 18:1

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Family fun said...

You're right on about your Dad's drive being that of being able to spend time with your Mom. Any news of her at all lights up his day! I showed him a picture i took of her with my cell phone and he was immediately pleased and then his eyes filled with tears. I can become very teary when i think of the loss of your mother being who she was; all that knowledge of teaching children and the love that she shared is gone. The love between your parents is very strong; the mention of your dad's name will often bring a smile to your mom; reminding her of something he used to say to her a lot will sometimes make her laugh. I think you could make many parrells to the story "The Notebook" with your parents - with, of course, the exception that she didn't write in a notebook about thier life so that he could read it to her. I think by the time they acknowledged that something was wrong, the alzeheimer's was already too advanced for anything like that to happen.

The evidence of their love is shown in how their children are behaving taking care of them, their needs and their property. You have all worked together in such a wonderful way and their has been no 'pilfering' of their things when you've come home. Your dad has shared that you have all decided on some things that you want. It's so nice to hear your concern - weather by phone or in the written word, for their health and emotional needs.

Press onward - that the Lord may be praised in your works!

astrosfreak09 said...

It's good that your dad is wanting to improve as much as possible, all for the best!
And that's also good about Marsha. Congrats on everything!
God Bless
Love ya
Downtown Brown