Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Rest For The Weary

We are off to a good first week of WCS basketball camps. Devin, who is spoken about below, has two sisters on my morning team, Hayden and Piper. There is a postscript to the story below. Devin went to a public school when this was written but by August, she had enrolled in WCS. The next August, her younger sister Haley followed suit and then Hayden and Piper enrolled and our school is better because of the four of them. This is from June 7, 2007.

I am bone-tired. After three days of basketball camp, my fatigue level is off the charts. I work out six days a week but camp is different. Being on your feet for close to seven hours in a ninety-plus degree gym while demanding different movements of your body wears you out. There are twelve more days and eighty percent of camp to complete but I will adapt. Next week will be easier- only one session for me instead of two.

This week, two young ladies are helping coach my teams. I requested both because I know what kind of girls they are. In the morning, Devin works with the Eagles and Sonja is my co-coach with the Yellowjackets after lunch. Devin has been one of our campers at Westbury Christian since she was in third grade; she will be a sophomore this year at one of the public schools in the area. Sonja plays for our varsity girls' team and will be an excellent college prospect before she graduates in two years. I remember the first day I saw Sonja. My middle school girls' squad was matched up against her St. Francis De Sales team in a tournament. Her coach pointed her out before the game as a young lady who would be a great fit for WCS in high school. We couldn't stop Sonja. She was, and remains, the quickest junior high player I've seen and we were blessed when she enrolled with us as a freshman. Both Devin and Sonja were dragging this afternoon. Let's look at their schedule this week. Devin coaches in the morning and is a camper in the afternoon group. Sonja coaches in both sessions. On Monday, Devin had a swim meet after camp; so did Sonja. At night, Devin is going to AAU basketball practice. Sonja is going to practice at night AND going through our intense two hour basketball conditioning program which begins immediately after camp ends at 3:45 PM. I get tired just thinking about it! I would estimate Devin and Sonja weigh about one hundred pounds apiece but make no mistake, they are as tough as they come. They could never keep this pace over the course of the summer but they can for a week or two. As energetic as teenagers are, they are susceptible to physical and emotional exhaustion and will need some recuperation this weekend. The thing is, they love it. I am so proud of both of them. I told Devin today that I doubted she would play in the WNBA but she could be a terrific coach- she loves kids and has the ability to transfer her basketball knowledge to children. I've already asked Sonja to be my student assistant coach next fall. She will be a difference-maker in the lives of my players. But the fact remains, Devin and Sonja are still worn out.... and so am I. The oft-quoted Isaiah 40:30 teaches that,

"Even youths grow tired and weary
and young men stumble and fall."

Of course, that is not where the thought ends! Verse 31 promises that,
'' those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength."
In ten minutes when I go to bed, I know a coach who is counting on that promise. I sure won't have to count sheep!

Applicable quote of the day:
"Fatigue is the best pillow."
Benjamin Franklin

God bless,
Steve/ Coach Hawley
Luke 18:1
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