Monday, December 08, 2014

Diversionary Tactics

One thing I talk about with my students is the unpredictability of our lives. Bumps in our tightly scheduled existences often teach us lessons if we are willing to look past the inconvenience. The following is from June 25, 2007.

I learned a new word yesterday: diverted. After three weeks of basketball camp, my calendar calls for me to spend some time with my parents. My flight from Houston to St. Louis was fifteen minutes late but it was no big deal. As we prepared for takeoff, one of the flight attendants announced that this airplane was brand new, delivered only two days ago and it was the 499th in the Southwest Airlines fleet. I looked around and the aircraft was indeed in pristine condition: no scuff marks, no worn upholstery, and saturated with the aroma of new. Fifteen minutes after takeoff, the pilot made the announcement everyone at thirty thousand feet dreads. There was the hint of an electrical problem in the galley, tipped off by a burning smell. Our captain assured us it was not unusual but since it was a new plane, they were taking no chances and we were making an unscheduled landing in Dallas. At Love Field, the decision would be made after a checkup to switch vehicles or continue on without swapping. As we deplaned, we were given a new boarding pass and told there would be another Southwest aircraft ready for us in about a half hour. Sure enough, in roughly thirty minutes we loaded onto a plane just landed from Houston and took off over a darkening Dallas. As all Southwest crews are, our attendants were funny and caring, and because of our change of plans, apologetic. We arrived in St. Louis two hours late but no one seemed tremendously upset. We felt the company made the correct and cautionary choice and handled the situation as well as possible. Besides, we got two bags of those honey roasted peanuts, one for each plane! It just doesn't get much sweeter!

Life doesn't always follow the predictable pattern, does it? I had no plans to be in Dallas yesterday nor did the other passengers on Flight 742 but that's how it turned out. We reached our destination, just not by the route or in the time-frame we expected. It was slightly frustrating but not too inconvenient. As Christians, we believe the Lord has our interests at heart and helps guide our lives in ways we may never understand for our own benefit and maybe for the benefit of others. Joseph's life was diverted to Egypt by a cowardly act of his jealous brothers but the Lord used their sin to save the nation of Israel...and the line of Jesus. The blessings from Joseph's diversion took years to unfold but the Lord has his own ETA for each of us. Joseph seems to have handled the re-routing of his existence with calmness and trust, a model for the rest of us. The Lord has an agenda for his children and with Joseph, He didn't even have to use an extra bag of peanuts!

Applicable quote of the day:
"These airplanes we have today are no more than a perfection of a child's toy made of paper."
Henri Coanda

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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