Tuesday, June 03, 2014

The Discovery

I am pretty careful with money, especially when it comes to credit cards. The more we become an electronic society, the more I am careful about protecting my personal information, especially of the financial variety. The following is from June 11, 2007.
There was an envelope in my mailbox Saturday from Discover, the credit card folks. Normally, I would toss it in the trash after shredding but for some reason, I looked inside. To my dismay, the letter informed me I had purchased a credit report, the first two months of which were free. Knowing I had not bought anything, I tried customer service, finding it closed for the weekend. Early this morning, I took another shot. First, I spoke to Robin about the charge and explained that I did not even have a Discover Card, even though apparently I had an account number. Robin was very apologetic, voided the charge, and transferred me to Connie. Also very nice, Connie informed me that I had indeed been the owner of a Discover Card since September/2000 but that it had never been used. I told her of my being mystified- I have no recollection of applying- and that I wanted it terminated at once. Connie connected my call to the equally-genial Richard who, after trying to convince me to keep the line of credit which had yet to be employed, pulled the plug on my Discover Card. We never got to the bottom of how I was charged for a purchase I never consented to but I wasn't going to push it. The relief was enough compensation for one day.

How can you possess a credit card for seven years and not be aware of it? Apparently, the lack of purchases indicates there was no fraud. I would not have attempted to use it even if I had known; I try to live by cash-only and need-only. I was asked for both my social security number and my mother's maiden name and refused both requests but they undoubtedly have the information in their computers already. What else is out there I don't know about? How did Robin-Connie-Richard know stuff about my financial status that I am oblivious to? I'm not the best determiner of what goes on in my existence. In teaching shooting in our basketball camps, we use the Mirror Form drill in which the kids help each other with their technique. I explain that I don't know what my shooting looks like because I have never seen myself shoot a basketball. The campers' shooting flaws are obvious to others, but not to themselves. 

It's not just basketball or credit cards. My character/moral imperfections can be so subtly woven into the fabric of my life that they escape my detection. The Lord looks into our souls and weighs our strengths and our shortcomings. In Psalm 19:12, David brings an inquiry- and a plea- to his heavenly Father:
"Who can discern his errors?
Forgive my hidden faults."

David needed help seeing his hidden sins like I required assistance in locating my hidden credit trap. Both of our debts were erased. All we had to do was ask. Maybe we have a little in common!

Applicable quote of the day:
"You want twenty-one percent risk free? PAY OFF YOUR CREDIT CARDS!"
Andrew Tobias

God bless,
Steve (Discover Card member since 2000)
Luke 18:1

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