Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Tie/Die Prize

I quit watching CSI, one of my favorite shows, several years ago. Moving to Wednesday nights and too many cast changes sapped it of its appeal to me but in the earlier days, I loved it! The following, from May 17, 2007, is about a contest CSI ran several years ago. I was not one of the entries!

I just got done watching the season ending episode of CSI. It was a thriller, full of twists and turns that I never saw coming. Of course, we are going to have to wait until next fall to see if Crime Lab Investigator Sarah Sidle survives her abduction at the hands of the so-called Miniature Killer. In conjunction with the cliffhanger, CSI and CBS have treated us to the Miniature Killer Sweepstakes. The winner, a lady from Connecticut, was announced at the end of the broadcast. What could possibly be the reward for such a bizarre contest? The lucky contestant chosen has earned the right to play a role in a future a corpse! Does anybody start an acting career that way? What a dead end job! I can't imagine anyone being excited about the prospect of playing a lifeless body. How would you compliment them? You looked realistic? You nailed all your lines? They made some woman very happy tonight and I hope she enjoys her moment of celebrity. It just doesn't seem like much of a prize to me.

I was involved in a contest myself this week. Our elementary teachers at Westbury Christian School nominated the student in their class who best exemplified a Christ-like spirit in our Honduran orphanage project. Pulling the names out of a hat, Principal Casey Farris and I distributed several rewards in Monday's chapel; a couple of little wooden crosses, one of our vintage bank bottles, a Tracy McGrady Celebrity Tournament softball. One of the prizes was my money tie, covered with a print of large denominations of bills. The kids always make a big deal when I wear it so I included it in the prize package. Cory, a third grader nominated by Mrs. Kasinger for his terrific example, was the lucky recipient. He was so excited! I saw his mother yesterday morning and she told me he won't take it off. In fact, Cory wants to sleep in it! I think Cory's folks have put their foot down but for some reason, he loves that tie. When he wears it to school, it comes close to his knees! I am excited that Cory is excited and every minute the other children see him, they are reminded of the less fortunate. In three of his epistles (1st Corinthians, Philippians, Colossians), Paul refers to our heavenly reward as the prize. That's the one that matters. Cory will outgrow his tie and that CSI role has no future. We get attached to physical treasures and minimize the ultimate reward. Contests and sweepstakes will come and go but the battle for our soul is here to stay. It can't be rigged or manipulated and eligibility is open to all. And the best news is this: there won't be just one winner!

Applicable quote of the day:
"Those prizes in Cracker Jack are a joke. I once got a magnifying glass. It was so poorly made, ants were laughing at it."
Scott Roeben

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Luke 18:1
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