Friday, January 27, 2017

The Talk

We tested recently in my high school Gospels classes and the topic was the Sermon on the Mount. One point I made was that Jesus taught the sanctity of marriage, a teaching sorely needed in the world today.  The following, from February 28, 2007, recalls a meeting I had with my junior high basketball players about the opposite gender and life.

We didn't play much basketball this morning in practice. Instead, I took the girls back into our high school locker room and talked. In recent days, situations that have come to my attention made me feel it was time for a heart-to-heart with my group of sixth-seventh-eighth graders. It was a one way conversation. I made them sit in front of me and spent most of the period talking about growing up and the choices they make. Our school stresses abstinence while the culture pushes promiscuity, on both the male and female persuasions. While society tries to convince our youth that very early sexual activity is normal and acceptable, I made the case for purity. The girls tend to be in love with being in love. In my sixth period Bible class, four of my players sit side-by-side and cover their daily quizzes with multi-colored hearts with markers brought specifically for decoration. It is so innocent and very funny. These kids are starting to like boys and boys are starting to like them and therein lies the problem. They think like girls and don't quite comprehend the teenage boy perspective on I told them. I told them if a junior high boy says, "I love you," he's lying or at least deluded. If a boy at your age wants to kiss you, it isn't because he necessarily likes you: he just finds you reasonably attractive. If a boy wants to put his hands all over you, it isn't a compliment: he is being disrespectful and he won't like you more if you let him. I told them my grandmother was sexually active at fifteen....but she was married to my grandfather. I told them the way I always knew I liked a girl was if I wasn't even thinking about the physical stuff: just being around her was enough. I talked of the dreams their folks have for them and the sacrifices being made for these young ladies to go to college. I talked about God's plan and his timetable and that He planned for the physical relationship to be saved and reserved for the person you spend your life with, your marriage partner. It was good. The older kids were more clued in than the younger ones who are still a year or so away. I know these are good girls from wonderful homes and I know they hear this message from their folks. Sometimes, they need to hear it from somebody they don't call Mom or Dad. That was my honor today. 

Applicable quote of the day, #1:
"If love is the answer, could you rephrase the question?"
Lily Tomlin 

Applicable quote of the day, #2:
"Love at first sight is easy to understand; it's when two people have been looking at each other for a lifetime that it becomes a miracle."
Amy Bloom

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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Laurie said...

Great thoughts today - could you share them with your sophmores also.

Emmy Ngo said...

Great words again Coach!I wish I could come to the wedding because I've never been to any wedding in the U.S before :(
I'm about to start my blog Coach!Please visit mine if u have time :)