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Wolf Among The Lambs

The Bible is replete with imagery invoking the symbolism of wolves and lambs. The modern world has its share of that same scenario. The following entry is from January 24, 2007.

It was a scenario almost too bizarre to be true. A twenty-nine year old registered sex offender in Arizona managed to enroll in two middle schools, passing himself off as a twelve year old seventh grader. The accused apparently attended classes sporadically in a Phoenix charter school from August to November before being expelled for missing too many days. He was caught this week when officials at another middle school became suspicious of his legal documentation. The men he lived with, and apparently was having sexual relations with, believed that Neil Havens Rodreick was twelve years old. According to reports, Rodreick disguised himself by shaving all his hair, using makeup, and speaking in a high pitched voice. School officials described him as aloof, relating he turned his homework in and never was in trouble. In the four months he was an off-and-on-student at the Imagine School, Rodreick gave no one cause to become suspicious. As hard as it is to conceive, the nearly thirty year old blended in with youngsters almost two decades his junior. Rodreick is facing five criminal charges stemming from his involvement in the incidents. It doesn't seem enough.

On how many levels is that story horrifying? When I mentioned the case in class today, the kids were bewildered that no one questioned his age. I pointed out that we are conditioned to believe almost everything we are told and why would a twelve year old lie about his age? I also mentioned that in a number of television series based on high school life, actors and actresses are routinely nine-ten years older than the characters they portray. In Matthew 7:15, Jesus, in speaking of false prophets, described the threat in this way:
"They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves."The school, the parents, and the children had no idea of the impending danger. The threat came from a source that was never perceived as threatening. That's how Satan does his best work. We are blindsided when we have our guards down. As believers, we must have non-stop diligence in protecting ourselves from the Evil One. The close call in Arizona has awakened parents to the potential dangers their children avoided. One mother, after Rodreick was arrested, was quoted as believing her children's school was about to be transformed into the safest school in the United States. She may be right. One wolf lurking in the midst of the flock produces an immediate rash of shepherds. Sometimes, it's not too late.

Applicable quote of the day:
"It never bothers the wolf how many the sheep may be."

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Luke 18:1
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