Monday, September 07, 2009

Sooner Or Later

In one of the biggest stories of the very young college football season, Oklahoma University quarterback Sam Bradford was injured in the Sooners' opening day loss on Saturday to BYU. Another former Sooner signal caller made the papers today, as well. In a story you might have missed, Rhett Bomar was named to the New York Giants' practice squad. Bomar, who ended up at Sam Houston State University, took the scenic route to the NFL. A chapter in his life, from August 3, 2006, is told below.

I was a college athlete, although a marginal one, and I worked at the same time. Rhett Bomar was a college athlete and also had a job. That's where the similarities end. My job was at a grocery store in the school year and waxing floors during the summer vacation. Rhett Bomar worked at a car dealership in Norman, Oklahoma. Until yesterday, Bomar was the starting quarterback for the Oklahoma Sooners, picked by many as the number one team in college football for the upcoming season. On Wednesday, Bomar was permanently removed from the OU squad by his coach, Bob Stoops. Bomar reportedly received $18,000 for a job where he apparently worked only five hours per week but clocked in for forty. Stoops, in commenting, said the player clearly knew the situation was wrong and must be held accountable. The loss of Bomar has sent shock waves through Oklahoma, a state renowned for support of their favorite football team. (Sorry, OSU!) Bomar will face a difficult road should he decide to play at another university. He must go through a reinstatement process as well as possibly making restitution for the money he received under false pretenses. His college career could be over. It looks like there were warning signs of his lack of judgement. Twice as a college student, Bomar has been cited for alcohol offenses related to his being a minor. Coming out of Texas several years ago, where his father was his high school coach, he was considered by many to be the best quarterback prospect in America. I saw an interview with former Sooner quarterback Dean Blevins who stated his belief that Bomar, had he remained four years at OU, might have gone down as the greatest QB in school history. Instead, he has just gone down. He might have been staring at a multi-million dollar NFL contract in several years. Now, he has what is left of the $18,000 he hasn't spent.

One of the saddest stories in the Bible is that of Achan. An Israelite, Achan disobeys Joshua's order not to take items devoted to God when the Jewish people overthrow Jericho. He took gold and silver, as well as a robe, and hid them under his tent. When he was discovered, his whole family was put to death, perhaps because they knew about the sin and helped cover it up. The point is this: Achan's sin did not affect him alone. Others suffered from his lack of integrity in claiming what was not lawful for him to have. Likewise, what this Oklahoma football player did is having ripple effects throughout his team, his adopted state, and most grievously, though his family. Achan never got a second chance- perhaps Rhett Bomar will. Let's hope this is one lesson that does not fall incomplete.
Applicable quote of the day:
"We are all born brave, trusting, and greedy and most of us remain greedy."
Mignon McLaughlin
God bless,
Luke 18:1

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3 comments: said...

Rhett's father, Jerry Bomar, won a TAPS (that's right, just TAPS) state football championship in the mid-to-late 1970s at Addison Trinity Christian.

Maybe Rhett could have benefitted from a similar environment today.

Coach DeWeese said...

Would Coach Small have gone so far as to describe your talent as marginal ?
Oh wait, I could have went to and played at York. Maybe marginal was what he was looking for.
Ha ! Have a good weekend !

Jon said...

He might be the new quarterback for TCU... He has been saying sorry on ESPN like 24/7