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 Having a baby named after you is an HONOR as explained in the following from August 28, 2006.

My Bible classes are in the midst of discussing the birth of John the Baptist. One humorous aspect of the story in Luke 1 is how the neighbors and relatives of John's family decided to give the baby a name themselves, wanting to call him after a family member. Elizabeth and Zechariah insisted on calling their first and only son John, the name given to Zechariah by the angel, Gabriel. Their wishes prevailed and he was christened John. It's good they stuck to their guns: Fred the Baptist would have sounded pretty awkward.

Reed and Darla Sutton are in the family way again. (My grandmother scolded my mother for saying pregnant in the presence of my dad so I am careful in throwing the p word around.) Reed is one of our instructors/coaches and Darla works with our WCS faculty day care. The next Sutton will join fifth grader Marisa, fourth grader Kylie, and Brady who will be at the fifteen month marker at the February due date. This is where I come in. The last time Darla was with child, Reed said in the presence of one of my classes that should it be a male child, his name would be
Coach Hawley Sutton. When the sonogram came back with a boy picture, I was elated ...until Kylie and Marisa intervened. They were not happy at all and refused to give their blessing. Their wishes prevailed and I was crushed. BUT, with last week's expecting another baby newsflash, hope sprang eternal in my heart. This time, I turned to negotiation with the girls, asking what could I give in return for their endorsement. Quickly, Kylie agreed to give her consent IF I promised to take her on a mission trip to Honduras in the future. Marisa showed reluctance initially but followed suit with her approval. The countdown has begun. I am holding my breath for the next seven weeks until the sonogram will tell us officially the gender of the next Sutton. Before you conclude that Coach Hawley Sutton is too offbeat, turn your attention to the mother of NBA star Allen Iverson. Last year, she gave birth to another son, naming this baby Mister Allen Iverson. Let me also give you a brief history lesson. When Reed and Darla moved to Houston, they rented an apartment previously inhabited by Wes and Rachel Hanson. When the Hansons brought baby #3 into the world, I was tremendously honored that the boy was named Stephen after me. Then, when Reed and Darla vacated the same apartment, Russell Carr moved in. Later, I would preach Russell's wedding to the lovely Shara Martin. I figure the least Reed and Darla could do is let me have one of the four kid's names. Naming kids after grandparents or uncles, that's overrated. But deeming a boy with a very unique moniker that he will never have to share with anybody else in his class at school, that shows a mother and father who aren't afraid to be bold. And so, Darla and Reed, I am imploring you publicly to grant the desires of your daughters and opt for Coach Hawley Sutton. In your heart, you know it's right.

PS: In a completely unrelated matter, one of my eighth grade students, Lauren, today promised that if I would mention her in my next book, she and her husband-to-be in the distant future will name their first born son Steve. I wonder where she got a crazy idea like that?

Applicable quote of the day:
"The right name is an advertisement in itself."
Claude Hopkins

God bless,
Coach Hawley (possible namesake of Coach Hawley Sutton)
Luke 18:1
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Jon said...

John is a really good name.... take of the h though!!! HAHAHA

matthew jones7thperiod said...

I cant belive that you wanted to name Coach Suttons son after you. That is hilarius.

jakeveya said...

hey coach hawley this is jakeveya i was just stopin bye to tell you that i read your section about naming the baby, but my oppinion is the baby should be named hawley if its a girl and steve if its a boy!(just sounds better to me).

Drummerkidd said...

hey coach this is Ayramis and i was just telling you that this was the funniest joke you ever told us.

see you on tuesday!!!


Sherry Ann said...

This is funny. Now i know why somehow you are *quite* bitter about Brady's name. I heard there are a lot of kids now named after you. Even Meagan's 'kids' at south africa. You are a very lucky guy!

I have only one baby named after me, my best friend in High school Ellaine named her baby Sherry Ellaine. I think that's cute =)