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The Katie Couric Diet

We study John the Baptist in both my 8th and 11th grade classes. He's an interesting character to say the least and vital in the story of Jesus. What connection is there with the prophet who announced the arrival of the Christ and a certain former anchor woman? Read the following entry, from August 30, 2006, to find out!

In less than one week, Katie Couric will take over the anchor post on the CBS Evening News, a seat once held by Walter Cronkite and more recently, Dan Rather. Much has been made of her leaving NBC's The Today Show to tackle what has been considered the glamour position in television journalism. But the buzz only days from her ascendancy had nothing to do with her professional qualifications for the job. It was reported Wednesday that Watch! Magazine, a CBS public relations publication, had printed a digitally retouched picture of Ms. Couric in its September issue. The photographic airbrushing lowered her virtual weight by an estimated twenty pounds, leaving her much slimmer in both face and body from the May publicity picture used to announce her arrival at CBS. Apparently, neither CBS brass or Couric had prior knowledge of the tinkering. So what would be the rationale for altering the image of arguably one of the most famous women in the world? Could it be ratings? Do the people in the PR department at the Columbia Broadcasting System really believe that would make a difference in viewership? Are we naive enough to base our viewing habits based on something as trivial as Katie Couric's weight? Of course we are! I ask my students if they are more likely to watch a TV show with physically attractive characters and universally, they say that they are. I admit I have watched Tony Little's Homedic Micropedic Pillow infomercial several times because the model in the thirty minute promo is very cute. Why would it be any different in selecting a news broadcast?

In my sophomore Bible classes today, I asked the students if they thought John the Baptist could get a preaching job in their church. Most of the kids immediately said he would but after we discussed the matter, agreed with me that he probably would need a makeover to even get an interview. John was obviously spiritually qualified; he had been prophesied about in the Old Testament and bragged on by Jesus. But preachers today are often judged on visual characteristics and the smoothness of their sermon delivery. John was undoubtedly ragged looking and not above referring to those in the audience as snakes. Add in the element that it does not appear that he was married and he might as well not stick the resume' in the mail. If those good folks at Watch! Magazine felt the need to spruce up Katie Couric, what course of action would they have followed with John the Baptist? Maybe that's why there aren't any pictures in the scriptures.

Applicable quote of the day:
"I could announce one morning that the world was going to blow up in three hours and people would be calling in about my hair!"
Katie Couric

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