Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Filter

Technology still mystifies me. Any equipment associated with it mystifies me. Time has not given me an adequate education in the technology arena but I have smart student teacher aides to get me through! The following is from June 3, 2006.

It began in February as soon as SBC/ATT hooked the Internet up to my apartment; an almost non-stop buzzing in my phone. I assumed it was short term...but it wasn't. Several weeks later, I discussed it with Dad as we spoke on the same phone over the buzz. He told me there is a filter I could buy at a place like Radio Shack that clips onto the phone line and eliminates the problem. I meant to purchase one during Spring Break but just didn't get around to it. I became accustomed to the noise and it ceased to bother me. Yesterday, I was asking Karen Long, our computer specialist at Westbury Christian School, questions about putting my Dell computer on hibernation mode when not in use. While I had her captive attention, I inquired about the buzzing, wanting to know where I might obtain one of those filters. Karen informed me that the Internet provider should have included a filter with the rest of the equipment. It couldn't be that easy. But, as soon as I returned home, guess what I found right next to my monitor, in plain sight, eight inches away from my left hand? I had seen it but I never thought to look at it closely. It was a cinch to install- no tool required- and instantly, my phone line was as clear as a bell. After approximately one hundred days, no ringing in my ears. The answer was at my fingertips, and at my disposal, from the beginning.

Close is good but close isn't there. One digit off won't open a combination lock or allow the withdrawal of funds from an ATM. We have to change passwords every six weeks on our school computers. If I am off only one letter or number, all the information I need is denied to me. In Mark 12, Jesus was having a spirited debate with the religious leaders. The Savior was paid a compliment by a teacher of the law who publicly sided with Jesus and added his own interpretation of Scripture. Notice what Jesus said to the man: "You are not far from the kingdom of God." (Mark 12:34) The man was almost there.... but not quite. Paul told the people of Athens in Acts 17 that God ''is not far from each one of us.'' God is so close to us. Some don't know that and some do not care. God wants to be our Father. He wants to be there when we hurt or we rejoice. I call my folks everyday and Dad thanks me for calling. I guess that's the part of being a father I can't comprehend. When our line of communication was messed up, whose fault was it? It was on my Houston end and not on his St. Louis connection. When my interaction with the Lord is cluttered with interference on the line, there is only one place to start looking- and it's not in heaven. It's much closer to home.

Applicable quote of the day:
"Utility is when you have one telephone, luxury is when you have two, opulence is when you have three- and paradise is when you have none."
Doug Larson

God bless,
Luke 18:1
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Jon said...

How did u get use to the noise.. it would have made me insane... haha