Saturday, May 18, 2013

Star Trek 8th Grade: The Return Of Ronnie

The end of school leaves me nostalgic for memories and the reason we have school, the kids. In Senior Chapel last week, we watched the tribute video for this year's departing twelfth graders. Sprinkled in with age progression photos of the soon-to-be-graduates were pictures of the school year. I had forgotten how many good times we shared since August at WCS. The following is one of my favorite end of the year stories about one of my favorite students, the one and only Ronnie Lane. It first ran on May 24, 2006.

I've seen my share of sequels and I have witnessed happy endings but today's ranks with any I remember. On the the final day of the academic year, Ronnie Lane came home to Westbury Christian School. Out since mid-March with a myriad of potentially life threatening health concerns, Ronnie was reunited with his classmates for the first time in two months-plus. It was like he never left. Ronnie's mom, Cindy, came by yesterday and picked up review material for Ronnie who desperately wanted to take his final exam with all the other eighth graders or as they prefer to be called, The Class of 2010. My method of review is to give the students back their graded tests for the semester, which in turn will comprise the final. Obviously, Ronnie was at a huge disadvantage in that he missed half of the Spring term. His review sheets came at the courtesy of Dominique Springfield, one of my basketball players who takes Bible in fourth period compared to Ronnie's sixth hour. Dominique's tests were nearly perfect and she had already completed her semester exam. It did not deter Mr. Lane in the least that he was not physically present for the past nine weeks. When he came into Room 258 this morning, he was on top of the world. He looked great, an enigma until the medical community deciphers the mystery of why his sodium level dives to dangerous depths. The kids were so glad to see him. Many have listed Ronnie on their prayer request notes. I think in the interim, they have also come to appreciate a young man who marches to his own drum line, is unfailingly kind to others, and is eternally optimistic. Several weeks ago, I took Ronnie's rendition of James 1:27, which he translated into the Klingon language for our classroom wall, and had it laminated. (Please refer back to the entry, Live Long And Prosper) We posted it next to my classroom door along with the message, "PLEASE PRAY FOR RONNIE LANE.'' The kids have faithfully touched the verse entering my classroom as a reminder to remember their friend and classmate. Of course, this morning Ronnie had to slap it as he passed by and back into an environment which is his element. I don't know what the future holds for this Star Trek phenom but today was a testimony to the power of countless prayers.

The adults were all buzzing about Ronnie this afternoon after the kids had left for the Summer. My favorite anecdote came from our upper school receptionist, Becki Glover. Ronnie stopped by to visit and she inquired how his day back had been. These are verbatim quotes:
"Mrs. Glover, I got a hug from every eighth grade girl!"
"And how was that, Ronnie?"

Typical Ronnie. No, typical eighth grade boy. Illness can never subtract from the basic need of adolescence, the need to fit in. Ronnie showed today he was the missing piece of the puzzle that is the Westbury Christian eighth grade class. Excuse me, the WCS Class of 2010! And before we go, there is one piece of unfinished business: Ronnie's seven page Bible final. With less than twenty-four hours prep time and being in absentia since mid-March, Ronnie Lane achieved a 100%, one of only two in his class and one of only four in the eighth grade. I cut him no slack. He earned it down to the smallest details. Klingon scholars need no special favors, unless you count intercession from the heavenly realms. Live long and prosper, Ronnie. The voyage of the class of 2010 embarks again in only three months. We need you at your post!

Applicable quote of the day:
"There is nothing that makes us love a man so much as praying for him."
William Law

God bless,
Luke 18:1

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Jon said...

thanks for the shoutout... ITS SUMMER!!!!!!

JKC said...

Thanks for the update on Ronnie. I truly feel like I know him. He has been in my prayers.