Friday, May 29, 2009

The Game Ball & April


jimmyc said...

April will always be a kid to me… Why? Because she is my kid,… yea I’m her Dad. Reading comments like his really boost a parent’s spirits. Not because they like seeing their name but because you know that you did the best you could and with God’s help this special person is glorifying God, which is what Jesus was all about (see John 17). I’ve always believed in “giving a cup of cold water” when ever the opportunity arises. In some case it’s noticed and others it’s not. Those of us who call our self’s Christians know our victory is waiting. Those we meet along the way we help. Hebrews 11 (the faith chapter) is one of my favorite, not because of all the names listed in the front but because of those omitted at the end of the chapter. They were sawed in two (yuck) hid in holes and wore animal skins…read it for yourself. These folks never received anything yet kept the Faith. I wonder if I have such a faith as that???? Way to go April…. Dad ;o)

Jon said...

that was great of you and your team to do that